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- unknown

The term yin-yang first appeared in The Book of Changes, 'Yin and yang reflect all the forms and characteristics existing in the universe'...

- (Cheng, 1987, p.11).

...The natural world could be seen as having a dual aspect, day and night, brightness and dimness, movement and stillness, upward and downward direction, heat and cold, etc...

- (Cheng, 1987, p.11-12).

...Water and fire are symbols of yin and yang. 'When yin predominates, yang will be diseased. When, yang predominates, yin will be diseased'...

- (Cheng, 1987, p.12).


Cheng, X. (1987). Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion: Chief editor Cheng Xinnong. Foreign Languages Press.

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