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Immunity Boosting Soup

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Common Chinese Herbs added to soups are Huang qi, Dan shen, Da zao, Chinese yams, goji berries, Fu ling to even Duzhong, to name a few. Some herbs are edible while some are not. Duzhong (Cortex Eucommiae, Eucommia Bark, Tochu), for example, isn't commonly eaten nowadays. Duzhong benefits the liver and kidneys and strengthens bones and sinews, according to TCM, so are added to some herbal soups. These are just a few examples of common herbs cooked in herbal soups.

The following Immunity Booster Soup recipe, shared by Emily from her YouTube channel, has edible Chinese herbs in them. The herbs listed in this recipe helps coughs while tonifying and nourishing. The organs this recipe may benefit most based on herbs chosen are the lungs, heart, kidneys and spleen. This soup also has some cooling attirbutes. How this recipe could potentially boost immunity is by nourishing deficiencies, cooling lung heat causing coughs by moisturizing the lungs. Should cold in the lungs be causing the cough, this formula may not work as well.

Let's explore the ingredients. Lotus seeds are known to be very cooling and refreshing during the summers. Steamed pears with honey has been known to treat coughs and throat related problems so the dried pears here is probably also doing this. The figs listed here may also have this function or help the stomach. According to the five element theory, the fire element (heart) controls the metal element (lung). Longan is known to nourish heart blood. Yu Zhu and lily bulbs are great for lung heat. So it could be interpreted that the heart and lung relationship is being addressed. This is most likely how this soup has the ability to boost immunity, by building body fluids to a level our immune system can function best. Lastly, cordycep is known to boost immunity and offer a lot of benefits according to research. Finally, here is the recipe.

Immunity Booster Soup Recipe


  • 15g Solomon’s seal (Yu zhu, 玉竹)
  • 3 pieces of Chinese Yam (Nagaimo, Shanyao 山药, Huaishan 淮山)
  • 15g dried Longan 桂圆干 (Long Yan Rou, Arillus Longan)
  • 25g dried lily bulb (Baihe 百合)
  • 10g Goji berries 枸杞
  • 5g Cordycep flowers 虫草花
  • 6 small pieces chinese figs 无花果
  • 3 pieces Dried pears 雪梨干
  • 15g Lotus seeds 莲子
  • 1.5-2 liters of water 清水
  • Salt 盐调味

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