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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) today relies on detailed collections of classic texts that build the core principles of this practice. The accumulation of this knowledge originated from around 5,000 years in the past. Variations of it also appear in other cultures around the world and are still used in different parts of the world even until today. Historically, acupuncture and herbal studies were practiced separately. However, nowadays, you may find a practitioner of oriental medicine have training in both areas. Also known as eastern medicine, Kampo medicine, hanyak traditional medicine and of course traditional Chinese medicine, or on a broader level, traditional medicine, oriental medicine has been seen on many continents around the world from Asia to Europe and beyond. For this reason, countless studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of this therapy. Here are a few research articles on this topic.

Website: Acupuncture Times

Article: How Micro Current Created by Grounding Stimulates
Meridian Points in Acupressure?

Article: Efficacy of acupuncture in asthma: systematic review and meta-analysis
of published data from 11 randomised controlled trials

Article: Ferroptosis: A new view on the prevention and treatment of diabetic kidney
disease with traditional Chinese medicine

Article: Traditional Chinese Medicine for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
disease with traditional Chinese medicine

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